Dialog Editor

This editor shows DIALOG resources of a Windows application.



Almost all views of an application developed typically with Visual C++ are desgined as dialogs, which are compiled into resources in the application binary.

Use the dialogs of this editor as a reference -- or approximation -- of how the localized application will look like; generally there are dynamic parts in the application which may change the way the dialog looks like.


The editor shows both the original (Native) dialog and the translated dialog. The user can easily switch between these modes in the tabs.

This editor allows the user to edit translations inside the editor so that any changes can be reviewed visually.

The following picture is a snapshot of the Dialog Editor:

Screenshot of Multilizer 2009 Dialog resource editor: this editor allows visual localization of dialog resources of a Windows 32bit executable.

Click to enlarge.

Automated validation

The editor contains automated validation.

There are four typical validations to check geometric issues:

  • Truncations -- the text gets truncated due to expansion of the translated text.
  • Intersections -- two or more controls intersect.
  • Out of client -- a control is outside the (form) client area.
  • Total overlap -- a control is totally inside the boundaries of another control.

Because some of the issues described above may be desired features, the user can turn off any of the validations.