MldMerge is a command-line utility for merging two Multilizer Binary Dictionary (MLD) files.

Note! MldEditor also includes the fuinctionality of merging MLD files. MldMerge is used for automating the processing of MLD files.


MldMerge [All | NewOnly | TransOnly]

File parameters:

  • Both and must exist. The merged content is stored in .

Additional optional parameter:

  • TransOnly overwrites existing translations in with corresponding translations.
  • NewOnly adds new lines.
  • All (default) combines the fucntionality of TransOnly and NewOnly.

Exit codes

MldMerge returns the following exit codes:

  • 0 The application was executed succesfully.
  • 1 Wrong command-line parameters
  • 2 Unknown optional parameter
  • 11 does not exist
  • 12 does not exist
  • 13 is read-only
  • 14 can't be opened
  • 15 can't be opened
  • 99 Unknown (unexpected) error