Multilizer tools and utilities are used to accomplish minor tasks outside Multilizer.


  • M7P2MLD -- This utility converts Multilizer .m7p projects to MLD (Multilizer Binary Format) used by Multilizer Localization components.
  • MetaDataFinder -- Picks comments from Delphi source code and adds them in Multilizer project.
  • MPR Converter -- Removes illegal characters from Multilizer 5 and 6 project files.
  • MPR2M7P -- Converts Multilizer 6 projects to recent Multilizer projects.
  • MLD Editor -- Supports editing/translating of MLD (Multilizer Binary Dictionary) files.
  • MldMerge -- Command-line utility for merging the content of two MLD files.
  • TMX Converter -- Converts TMX files to a format supported by Multilizer.

  • Glossaries

    Glossaries can be used in Multilizer either by importing with Import Wizard or by configuring the glossary as a translation reference in the Assisted Translation Expert.

    MLD (Multilizer Binary Dictionary) glossaries:

    • Windows glossaries; Standard Windows glossaries for several languages.
    • VCL glossaries; Standard VCL (Delphi/C++Builder) glossaries for several languages including 3rd party components.
    • .NET glossaries; Standard Visual Studio .NET glossaries for several languages.

    TMX glossaries:

    Multilizer Localization Templates

    Download and unzip these files to \Multilizer\Templates. Next time you choose Create from Template in Project Wizard there will be more choices for localization.