TMX Translation Memory

Multilizer supports the use of translation memories to increase translation productivity. By default Multilizer uses a TMX-file as its translation memory. This enables a light-weight translation memory by using a TMX-file as a translation repository.

The TMX Translation Memory is the default translation memory in Multilizer. It is available in all Multilizer 2011 products.

About TMX

The TMX-format (Translation Memory Exchange format) is an XML-based file format developed and standardized by LISA. For more information about the format, see

Multilizer supports version 1.4 of the standard. The compliance has been verified using the TMX Compliance Kit provided by the LISA organization.

A noteworthy detail is that Multilizer uses the srclang="*all*" attribute to specify the source language in the default TMX Translation Memory, thus enabling Multilizer to store translations between any languages in the TMX-file. This complies fully with the TMX-standard. However, this option can be overridden when translations are exported from a Multilizer project into a TMX-file using the TMX Exporter plug-in.