Translation Memories

Translation Memory plug-ins add support for Translation Memories in Multilizer. Translation Memories are databases along with translation matching logic. Translation Memories are used to store and re-use translations.

The user can configure any number of translation memories in Multilizer Enterprise and Multilizer Professional. However, one translation memory is active at a time.

Assisted Translation Expert shows matching translations as the user navigates in the project.


TMX (Translation Memory eXchange)is an open XML standard for the exchange of translation memory data created by computer-aided translation and localization tools.

All Multilizer products ship with a Translation Memory based on the TMX standard. See: TMX TM.


Multilizer partners with 3rd-party Translation Memory vendors to ensure compatibility and seamless integration of their technology in Multilizer environment.

Multilizer can directly integrate with all major Trados Translation Memory versions.

Multilizer is compatible with other Translation Memory vendors through the TMX format.