Rave Scanner

Overview. Multilizer Rave Scanner localizes Rave Reports reports. Rave scanner options allow the user to specify how to localize them.

The most important settings are the following:

  • File; the RAV file to localize
  • Localizable properties (Localizable properties tab); choose the class and property names to localize in the target Rave Project.


This plug-in is available as a separate plug-in.



Output directory. Specifies the directory where the localized files will be created. This is the directory where Multilizer creates the localized output files and subdirectories. You can specify the name of the localized files and directories by setting Type and Language code.

Output file name

Type. Specifies how Multilizer names localized files are named and where they are placed. Possible options are:

Subdirectory Create localized files in subdirectories named by language and locale.
Bundle name Append the language and locale information to the output file name.
File extension Replace the original file extension with language and locale information.

Language code. Selects file name initial coding style. Possible values are:

ISO ISO standard coding style.
.NET Microsoft .Net coding style.
Windows Windows coding style.

Localizable properties


Scan empty strings. Allows user to specify about localizing empty strings. By default empty strings are not localized.

Rave project class names. Specifies the property names that should be localized for each Rave Project class.