DotNet Assembly Scanner

Overview. DotNet Assembly Scanner plug-in enables the localization of .NET assemblies (exe, dll, etc. files) in Multilizer. This scanner plug-in targets assemblies built for .NET 1.1, 2.0, 3.x, and 4.0.

The most important settings are the following:

  • File; the file to localize (exe, dll, baml).
  • Excluded properties (Excluded properties tab); Allows excluding of properties in form data.
  • .NET Assembly; check that .NET version is set properly.



Output directory. Specifies the directory where the localized files will be created.

This is the directory where Multilizer creates the localized output files (satellite assemblies) and subdirectories using the .NET naming convention.


On this tab the user specifies the following:

  • Native language; this is used in Multilizer application to set Assisted Translation Expert languages correctly and to store translations to Translation Memory with the correct language.
  • Default language; this is a fallback language in Multilizer -- if there's no translation for a text when Multilizer builds the satellite assemblies, Multilizer tries to find a translation in Default language. User should not mix this setting with the built-in language fallback mechanism in .NET.

Excluded properties

This tab allows user to specify by property name what to exclude from localization.

For example [X] *.ZOrder means that ZOrder property is not localized and not included in Multilizer translation grid.

The text is case sensitive.

.NET Assembly

Override Multilizer detection.Multilizer tries to detect the DotNet version for which the assembly is compiled. If this fails, the user can override this value.

Compiled assembly version. Compiled assemblies can get a user defined version number, which is specified here.

Private resources in the satellite assemblies. Check this if the resource should not be visible to other assemblies. This corresponds to private parameter in al.exe (Assembly Linker utility).

Full scanner log output. Check this setting, if the scanner doesn't seem to work properly, i.e., not all strings are scanned or the satellite assemblies are not built.

Signing assembly with this key file. Specify whether localized assemblies are going to be signed with a user-defined key file. If checked, the key file must be provided.


Some languages can't be localized due to limitations in .NET Framework for some cultures; see