XPS Scanner

Overview. XPS scanner options allow the user to specify how to localize XPS files.

XPS (XML Paper Specification) is designed to represent digital content in a paper-like fashion. Like the PDF format, XPS is a fixed-layout document format designed to preserve document fidelity, providing device-independent documents appearance.

Multilizer’s XPS scanner adds support for the localization of XPS documents. It supports translation of texts in XPS documents, including texts embedded in SmartArt (used in MS Office documents). Font embedding feature ensures that the traslated document is able to show all texts correctly.


This plug-in is available as a separate plug-in. To get an evaluation version of this plug-in, contact sales(at)multilizer.com.



Source file. Specifies the location of the XPS file.

Output options

  • Output directory specifies the directory where the localized files will be created. This is the directory where Multilizer creates the localized output files and sub directories. You can control the name of the localized files and directories by setting Type, Coding, Locale separator and Country separator.
  • Output file name options specify rules for modifying the name and relative location of the output (localized) files:
    • Type. Specifies how and where MULTILIZER creates the localized file version(s). Possible options are:
    • Subdirectory Create localized file(s) in sub directories named by language and locale.
      Bundle name Append the language and locale information in the output file name.
      File extension Replace the original file extension with language and locale information.
    • Coding. Selects file name initial coding style. Possible values are:
    • ISO ISO standard coding style.
      .NET Microsoft .Net coding style.
      Windows Windows coding style.


Font embedding

Use this option, if translated text contains squares instead of text. Embedding a font in the document does two things:

  • Texts of the translated document will use the specified font.
  • The font is embedded in the translated XPS so that it is shown correctly.


Specifies how the context if formed. Context is the unique identifier in Multilizer project.

The possible options are:

  • Objects by index; XPS page objects get an zero-based index.
  • Objects by original text
  • Objects by hash value (default).

The sample shows how the context looks like.