RoboHelp Scanner

Overview. RoboHelp scanner helps to scan files of RoboHelp projects. Versions 6-8 of RoboHelp are supported.

Multilizer picks the texts from the files that require localization and organizes them in a logical order. After building the localized files in Multilizer, the user needs to open the localized project in RoboHelp and build desired output files (CHM, on-line help, etc.).

The most important settings are the following:

  • File; specifies the HHP file to localize
  • HTML attributes to process (HTML tab); specifies the HTML attributes to localize


This plug-in is available as a separate plug-in. To get an evaluation version of this plug-in, contact sales(at)



Native language. Specifies the native language that is used in the target. Set this to match the language in the original file. If the original file contains two or more languages, set the language to the one that is most widely used.

Default language. Specifies the default language. It is the language that is used in the build process, if there is no translation given in the the build language. The translation search order is following: first the build languages, then the default language.

Native encoding. Specifies the native encoding that is used in the target with each character set.

Encoding list. Contains the encodings to be used in the localized files. To change the value right click the line and select a new value.

Set dir attribute for RTL languages (Arabic, Hebrew). Some languages, such as Hebrew and Arabic, read from right to left. The dir attribute is used to specify such direction of text.


Localize embedded scripts. Specifies whether the script code embedded in HTML is going to be localized.

Specify HTML attributes to process. Specifies the HTML attributes’ list to consider in localization.

Smart Parse

Smart parse settings affect how the texts that the RoboHelp Scanner processes are segmented.

Enable Smart Parse. Enable smart parse to prevent splitting of sentences at specific tags. By default typical formatting tags, such as, b, i and u are in the list.


RoboHelp version. Specifies the RoboHelp version of the source HHP file.