MSXML Scanner

Overview. Several different strategies can be used to organize the localizable data in XML documents. Multilizer provides several scanners for localizing XML documents, each tailored to different document type. MSXML scanner plug-in is intended for the localization of XML files in which the localizable data is structured, that is, the XML element contents is a mixture of subtags and text. MSXML scanner is the recommended plug-in if the XML looks like the following.

<text>text inside tag</text> text outside the text tag <text>even more text...</text> more text outside the text tag

In addition, MSXML scanner can localize both attribute and element contents.

Invalid XML documents cannot be localized. MSXML scanner validates automatically the source (native) xml document, thus providing a means to avoid unexpected errors in localization that an invalid source document might cause.


This plug-in is available in Multilizer Enterprise. To get an evaluation version for other Multilizer versions, contact sales(at)


The most important settings are the following:

  • File(Output tab); the XML file to be localized
  • Output directory (Output tab); specifies the directory where the localized files will be created.
  • Elements (Elements tab); allows user to specify the elements and attributes to localize.



The Output tab allows configuring the output directory and how the localized files are named.

Output directory. Specifies the directory where the localized files will be created. This is the directory where Multilizer creates the localized output files and subdirectories.

Output file name

Type. Specifies how and where Multilizer creates the localized file version(s). Possible options are:

Subdirectory Create localized file(s) in subdirectories named by language and locale.
Bundle name Append the language and locale information in the output file name.
File extension Replace the original file extension with language and locale information.

Coding. Selects file name initial coding style. Possible values are:

ISO ISO standard coding style.
.NET Microsoft .Net coding style.
Windows Windows coding style.


The Output tab allows specifying which elements and attributes contain localizable text. Simply check the nodes and attributes that you wish to localize.

When the scanner options are opened for the first time, the list of element and attribute names is automatically fetched from the localizable file. After this initial scan, the user need to click the Reload Elements button to update the list of element and attribute names.