Excel Scanner

Overview. Excel scanner plug-in enables the localization of Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files.

This plug-in requires that Microsoft Excel is installed on the PC where the original spreadsheet is read and localized files built. During translation Excel is not needed.


This plug-in is available as a separate plug-in. To get an evaluation version of this plug-in, contact sales(at)multilizer.com.



Output directory specifies the (root) directory for the location of localized Excel files.

Output file name

Type. Specifies how and where MULTILIZER creates the localized file version(s). Possible options are:

Subdirectory Create localized file(s) in sub directories named by language and locale.
Bundle name Append the language and locale information in the output file name.
File extension Replace the original file extension with language and locale information.

Coding. Selects file name initial coding style. Possible values are:

ISO ISO standard coding style.
.NET Microsoft .Net coding style.
Windows Windows coding style.

Exclude cells

Specify here the cells that should not be localized. The settings here override the settings specified on "Localizable data" sheet.

Localizable data

Specify here what to localize. By default all texts in column A on every sheet is read by Multilizer.

Parsing sheets configuration:

Fill in the column Key Field if you want to override the Multilizer context. For instance if you enter B, then the content of the cell in column B will be used to form part of the string context in Multilizer application.

Native Column tells the column in which the text to localize is located on the sheet.

Translation Column tells in which column the translation is written in the localized Excel spreadsheet. If this column is empty then the translation will be written to the same column as the native text.

Start Row tells from which row to start scanning texts.

Specify Row Comment, if you want Multilizer to pick texts from the sheet to be added in Multilizer project as row comments. Note! Reading the comment will overwrite existing row comments in Multilizer project.

Specify Translation Comment, if you want that Multilizer writes translation comments from project to the localized spreadsheet.

Optionally specify texts from charts and scripts to be localized.