TRADOS Importer

The Trados Importer plug-in adds support for importing translations from Trados Translation Memory files (.tmw) to Multilizer.

In order to work, Trados must be installed on the PC.


This plug-in is available as a separate plug-in. To get an evaluation version of this plug-in, contact sales(at)


When using Trados Importer in Assisted Translation Expert the importer also shows the match percentage.

Trados importer is unidirectional; it can only import translations. Trados TM plug-ins support both importing and storing of translations.


Configuration in Multilizer

The only option to configure is the location of the .tmw file.

Usage in Multilizer

Trados Importer is normally used in Assisted Translation Expert where it works as translation reference.

The translations can also be imported in batch with Import Wizard.