TMX Importer

Overview. The TMX Importer plug-in allows the user to import translations from a TMX (Translation Memory eXchange) file.

TMX is an open XML standard used for the exchange of translation memory data between translation suppliers and localization tools.


This plug-in is available in Multilizer Enterprise, Multilizer Pro for Developers, Multilizer pro for Documents, and Multilizer Pro for Translators.


The TMX Importer supports the following:

  • Specify a local TMX file or download a remote TMX file for importing translations.
  • Check for changes when a remote TMX source has been configured in order to perform updates.
  • Allow configuring multiple TMX instances for retrieving translations from different TMX sources.


Configuration in Multilizer

In Multilizer the user simply needs to define a TMX file either from local hard drive or from a remote location.

TMX files might be updated from time to time, which is why the user can click Check Update button to look for differences between the local copy and the remote TMX file. If files are not the same, the user can download the remote one in order to update the translation source.

Usage in Multilizer

Translations can be imported either with Import Wizard or interactively in Assisted Translation Expert.

Users of Multilizer Enterprise can import translations from TMX by using the command-line utility.