MSTerminology (Microsoft Terminology) Importer

Overview. The MSTerminology Importer plug-in allows the user to import translations from a Microsoft Terminology file. Microsoft Terminology is available for free download from Microsoft site and it contains user interface translations in 40+ languages.


This plug-in is available in Multilizer Enterprise, Multilizer Pro for Developers, Multilizer Pro for Documents, and Multilizer Pro for Translators.


The MS Terminology Importer supports the following:

  • Specify a local/remote Microsoft Terminology ZIP file.
  • Microsoft Terminology spreadsheet can be updated from Microsoft download center.
  • Translations for the latest Windows OS and Office tools user interface terms.


Configuration in Multilizer

In Multilizer the user simply needs to define a Microsoft Terminology ZIP file either from local hard drive or from a remote location.

Official Updated Microsoft Terminology ZIP files can be downloaded from Microsoft download center. A default URL is provided.

Usage in Multilizer

Translations can be imported either with Import Wizard or interactively in Assisted Translation Expert.