M7P Importer

Overview. The primary use of M7P Importer is to add support for using existing Multilizer projects as translation reference.

Note! This plug-in is not needed if the user imports translations from M7P format in Import Wizard.


This plug-in is available in Multilizer Enterprise and Multilizer Pro for Translators. 



The M7P Importer supports the following:

  • Importing of translations from Multilizer 2007 and newer version project formats.
  • Context specific translations.
  • Importing of multiple translations (applies in situations where the same text is translated differently depending on the context)


Configuration in Multilizer

In Multilizer the user simply needs to specify the filename of the M7P file to import.

Additionally the user may specify context-specific translations.

Usage in Multilizer

M7P Importer is used in Assisted Translation Expert where it works as translation reference.