Google Translate Importer

Overview. Google Importer uses the Google machine translation API. Google provides this service with subscription.

You need both Internet connection and Google API key to use the Google Translate Importer.

All Multilizer products include this importer plug-in.


The Google Importer supports the following:

  • Testing if the Google machine translation engine is available.
  • Translations for Western, Cyrillic, Arabic and Asian Languages with at least an 80 fuzzy percentage.


Configuration in Multilizer

In Multilizer the user simply needs to check if the Google machine translation API is available. For doing so, the user should enter Google API key in Options and click the Test button. A successful test will enable the OK button.

  • If the Google machine translation engine is detected, then the user can exit the configuration dialog by pressing the OK button.

Usage in Multilizer

Google Importer is used in Multilizer through the Assisted Translation Expert. In order to get proper translation results, ensure that source and target languages are set correctly in the Assisted Translation Expert.

If you get no translations check that you are connected to the Internet and your firewall or virus protection does not prevent Multilizer from connecting to the Internet.