CSV Importer

Overview. CSV Importer plug-in adds support for importaing translations from Microsoft Glossary files (CSV format).


  1. The latest Microsoft Terminology file format is supported by Microsoft Terminology Importer.
  2. To import translations from text files (CSV formatted files), use Text Importer.


This plug-in is available as a separate plug-in. To get an evaluation version of this plug-in, contact sales(at)multilizer.com.


The CSV Importer supports the following:

  • Import translations from ANSI files (i.e. legacy Microsoft Glossary files)
  • Import translations from Unicode files (new Microsoft Glossary files)

Multilizer automatically detects whether the specified is Unicode or ANSI file. Multilizer also checks that the glsosary files follow the naming convention set by Microsoft. The glossary files may contain a lot of redundant and untranslated items.


Configuration in Multilizer

In Multilizer the user simply needs to specify the filename of the Microsoft glossary file file to import.

Usage in Multilizer

CSV Importer can be used:

  • either in Assisted Translation Expert
  • or in Import Wizard.