I cannot open my Multilizer 6.x/5.x project in new Multilizer. How can I use translations from it in my MultilizerĀ  project?

There are two ways of migrating an old Multilizer project to the latest version:

  1. Automated upgrade of the project
  2. Manual update: create a new project, then import translations.

Automated upgrade

  • UseĀ mpr2m7p to convert a Multilizer 6 project or
  • Use mpr5ToM7p to convert a Multilizer 5 project.

Manual update

Translations from older versions of Multilizer projects (*.MPR, *.MLD) can be imported to Multilizer projects using Import Wizard or Multilizer plug-ins called "Multilizer 6.x importer (MPR-files)" and "Multilizer 4.x, 5.x importer (MLD-files)". Please note that importing translations is available only in Enterprise and Pro editions of Multilizer.

To upgrade your localization project to Multilizer you need to do following steps:

1) Create new localization project in Multilizer. You can add all targets from previous project or only several.

2) Import translations from previous project. Please see animations that shows how to import translations from old versions of Multilizer projects.