I'm using Multilizer's visual editor for Delphi/C++Builder software. However, some third-party components and my own components are not visualized correctly. How can I tell Multilizer to visualize also these components? Earlier version of Multilizer visualized  these components correctly.

We have included many third-party components in Multilizer's visual editor but naturally not all of them. You can configure Multilizer to visualize almost all components correctly, including components developed by you. In Multilizer this configuration is called "component mapping".

Manual mapping of components in Multilizer is available via adding mapping files (*.mli). You can use mapping files that were made with older versions of Multilizer. All you need is to add it in Visual Editor options.

1. Open Visual Editor (go to Custom Data and select any form).
2. Click Unicode (ANSI) Mode->Advanced Manual Settings->Mapping files->Add and follow the instructions.

Additional configuration options are available in Mapping options.