Frequently Asked Questions about Multilizer

Using Multilizer visual editor for Delphi/C++Builder

I'm using Multilizer's visual editor for Delphi/C++Builder software. However, some third-party components and my own components are not visualized correctly. How can I tell Multilizer to visualize also these components? I had configured Multilizer 6 to visualize these components correctly.

Translation of duplicates

I have several instances of source (Native) text. Once I've translated one of them all other were propagated automatically. Then I've changed translation, but it wasn't propagated to other instances - what should I do?

Needed scanner not active

When I create new project I can't choose needed scanner - it's inactive. What should I do?

Switch language at runtime

I want to switch language at runtime in my Delphi/C++ Builder application. Is it possible with Multilizer?

Reusing of translation from previous versions of Multilizer

I cannot open my Multilizer 6.x/5.x project in Multilizer 2009. How can I use translations from it in my Multilizer 2009 project?

Import from 3rd-party formats

I have translations for my project in 3rd-party format file. How can I reuse them in Multilizer?

Export to 3rd-party format

I want to export my translations from Multilizer project to 3rd-party format to reuse them in other way. Is there's such option in Multilizer?

Limitations of evaluation version

I'm using evaluation version of Multilizer and can't do some action. Is this a limitation of trial version?

Why does Multilizer VCL Scanner give a warning about missing DRC file

When I scan the Delphi executable file I get a warning in the log. Why does Multilizer VCL Scanner give a warning about missing DRC file?

Why PDF scanner didn't find any strings?

I tried to scan PDF file with PDF scanner but no strings were found! Why this happens?

Multilizer documentation

Is there any documentation for Multilizer? Where can I find it?

Multilizer performance fine-tuning

I have a big project -- how do I fine-tune the performance?

I can't add more targets to project, why?

I created new Multilizer project and now want to add more targets to it, but Add target button is disabled. Why?
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