Statistics Expert

Statistics Expert offer statistics of the active project. There are two types of statistics: live statistics and full statistics.

Live statistics

Live statistics shows a summary of the current project. The statistics is "live" in the sense that the numbers are constantly updated as the work on the project progresses.

Live statistics has two views: Row Statistics and Translation Progess.

Row Statistics

The Row Statistics view shows statistics about the statuses of the rows of the project, such as the number New rows, Unused rows, Changed rows, Active rows, and Read-only rows.

In addition, the Row Statistics view shows statistics about the current row.

Translation Progess

The Translation Progress view shows statistics about the progress of the translation work in the active language.

This view displays the number of the strings and their lengths in the native language and the number of tranlated/untranslated rows, and thus helps to estimate the remaining workload.

Full statistics

The button Generate HTML report generates and opens a comprehensive statistics report that provides full statistics about the project and its progress in each project language.