Assisted Translation Expert

Assisted Translation Expert is designed to help in translation work and to achieve higher quality.

Automated translations

Assisted Translation Expert provides users with translations that come from any configured source. Multilizer supports retriving translations from several different formats, such as tmx, Microsoft glossary, Excel spreadsheet, xliff, txt, mld (Multilizer binary dictionary), mpr (Multilizer 5.x/6.x project), and many others. See the latest Multilizer factsheet for more information. Translations can be prioritized by match-% (fuzzy match percentage) or by the preferred order of translation sources.

Translations are copied to the translation editor either by double-clicking a translation or by using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, etc.

Command buttons

  • The Connect All button enables all translation sources. This can also be done in Assisted Translation Expert Options (Tools->Assisted Translation Expert Options...) dialog by checking all translation sources.
  • The Disconnect All button disconnects all translation sources.
  • The Assisted Translation Expert Options button opens the dialog for configuring the options of this Expert.
  • The Translation Validation button opens Translation Validation Wizard that helps in validating the translations.
  • The Batch Translate button opens Batch Translate Wizard that helps in translating all strings in the current view to the selected target language.
  • The Save Translations to Translation Memory button saves project translations with a specific status (See: Tools->Options..., Translation Memory) to the active Translation Memory (See: Tools->Translation Memories...).
  • The Configure Assisted Translation Expert Languages button opens a dialog for manually setting the source and target languages for the translation sources.

Spelling check

  • The Spelling Check status button is enabled when the user has activated the OpenOffice Spelling Checker (Tools->Use OpenOffice Spelling Checker).

Multilizer spelling check is compatible both with OpenOffice 2 and OpenOffice 3.


There are two Wizards that are run from the Assisted Translation Expert:

  • Batch Translation Wizard
  • Translation Validation Wizard