Visual Studio 4-6

Multilizer supports localization of any 32-bit C++/VB application developed in Visual Studio. Localization of C++ applications is normally based on localizing resource scripts (RC files) or resources of a compiled application. Compiled Visual Basic applications have (at a maximum) only localizable texts in resources so localization is done better on the source code.

How does Multilizer localize C++/VB applications

Multilizer supports following types of localization

  • Binary localization (localize compiled VC++ or VB applications),
  • RC localization (localize RC-files of a VC++ project),
  • Minor VB projects can be localized with source code scanner.
Binary localization

On localizing an application binary Multilizer reads the compiled resources from the application and writes out localized applications or an multilanguage binary.*

RC localization
On localizing RC files Multilizer reads all RC files belonging to the software, and writes out localized RC files which developer uses for compiling the localized executables.

[Read more about localization process...]

*) Note! In compiled VB apps form resources can't get localized. [Read more...]