Reports & Statistics

Multilizer application provides reports and statistics for project and translation validation. They can be used to following the project process and evaluate how much resources are required for the next steps. For example project manager can easily see how many words in overall the project contains. Translator can see how many percentages of the translations are completed and estimate the required time/work effort.


Project Statistics

What Is This: Project Statistics show the current project status with numerical details. Project Statistics include the number of words, segments and characters of the source file. Furthermore there is information about the translated material: the number of translated and un-translated words, and the current status of the progress in percentages.

Why This Is Important: It is project manager’s job to follow the project progress. Likewise every translator should know how much he still needs to translate to evaluate the needed time to finish the project. Project Statistics have the basic information all projects should have.

How to Find: You can display the Project Statistics by clicking the "Statistics" tab in the Multilizer application. The tab is located in the lower right corner in Multilizer. The statistics are provided for project level (called Translation Progress, this option is selected in the screenshot above) and in row level (called Row Statistics).

project statistics.jpg

Picture 1: Project statistics for Finnish language


Statistics Report

What Is This: Statistics Report contains all detailed information related to the project status. Statistic report includes project summary, translation statuses in word and string counts, translation statuses in percentages and detailed reports per project target and language.

Why This Is Important: Detailed reports like the statistics report are often very useful to the project management. Naturally this kind of information is important to all project participants but it is often most efficient for organizing and managing purposes. With the help of Statistic Report the project manager is able to analyze the project and find the most suitable solution to guide the project to the finish successfully.

How to Find: Project report can be created by pressing “Generate HTML report” button (see image below). The project report is shown in bottom tab of the Multilizer. By pressing HTML or XML buttons you’ll get the reports in html or xml formats for an easy processing.


Picture 2: Generate HTML report button

The project report is shown in bottom tab of the Multilizer.


Picture 3: Project statistics report


Project Validation Report

What This Is: Project Validation Report offers technical information on the project. The Report includes statistics how many validations failed per each project target or validation rule.

Why This Is Important: Project Validation Report is extremely important in every software localization project. When localizing software or applications it is crucial that the translation fits into the technical requirements and limitations of the software and its user interface. For example, if there is an extra or missing space somewhere among the text, the translated application may not work correctly.

How to Find: With Multilizer you can create the report for project validations easily. Validation report can be created by selecting menu “Project → Validation Report” or pressing “Show the validation report” button from Quality Tab. By pressing HTML or XML buttons in the report window, the reports will be created in html or xml formats for an easy processing.

project validation report.jpg

Picture 4: Validation report example


Translation Validation Report

What Is This: Translation Validation Report includes information about how well the project material matches with an existing translation memory.

Why This Is Important: Translation memories bring some automation to the translation process which eases the translation work and increases the consistency of the translation. The translation validation report indicates how the existing translation memory fits into the current project. This information is useful to both project management and translators because it helps to estimate the required work load and to make the translation memory useful to future projects as well.

How to Find: Translation Validation Wizard validates project translations by comparing them with translations returned by the configured and enabled Translation Memory and/or importers. Wizard can be started by selecting Translation Validation Wizard from Project menu. Just follow the instructions in the Wizard. Once completed the Translation Validation report is opened.


Picture 5: Translation Validation report example