Online Outsourcing

It is fast and easy to outsource translation work online!

Localization is an excellent way to broaden the markets and grow the business. The localization process is usually complex and in most cases it requires some outsourcing at least with the translation work. Traditionally a translation outsourcing project has required repetitive sending of documents and translations manually back and forth between the company and the translator. That is why this traditional way of managing translation outsourcing projects can tie a lot of resources (e.g. money, time, labour) into a single project.

Nowadays new tools enable online translation outsourcing which offers an efficient solution to many problems related to the traditional way of outsourcing translation work. You can read more about this new innovation in this page. The covered topics are:

The Main Challenges in the Traditional Translation Outsourcing Process

The Benefits of Translation Outsourcing via the Internet

Controlled Online Outsourcing with Multilizer Online Translation Outsourcing (MOTO)


The Main Challenges in the Traditional Translation Outsourcing Process

If a company wants to localize its software, outsourced translation work is often the only profitable choice. After the translator is hired, the traditional translation outsourcing process usually tracks the following path: The project manager sends the original document to the translator. The translator translates the document with his/her own tool and then sends it back to the project manager. After that the company checks the translation. In many cases the translation needs to be edited further and thus the project manager sends it again to the translator. Several review-edit cycles like this may be required before the translated document is finalized and approved by the company.

This kind of translation outsourcing process is time-consuming, expensive and risky in a sense that there might be many translation versions confusing the project participants. Overall translation process like this often lacks visibility between parties, suffers from communication difficulties and involves quite a lot of overhead work.

The Benefits of Translation Outsourcing via the Internet

If translation outsourcing projects are handled online, the challenges related to the traditional way of outsourcing translations are not relevant anymore. When a translation outsourcing project is managed online, the document to be translated is uploaded to some secured Internet tool and the whole translation work is made online so that the project manager is able to control and check the project in real-time. This improves the whole translation process.

This kind of online translation project has many benefits which can be divided into three aspects:

Firstly online outsourcing shortens the duration of the project because several translators are able to work with the same document at the same time. This is an advantage especially when the original document is huge. In addition the project manager is able to review and monitor the translation in real-time and while the translator(s) is still working. If translations need to be edited, it can be done immediately with full visibility to all parties without time-consuming review-edit cycles and sending files back and forth.

Secondly online outsourcing increases the quality of the translation because the work can be monitored real-time and the shared translation memory (TM) is employed. This is useful particularly when several translators are working with the same document. Shared translation memory reduces translation errors remarkable.

Thirdly online outsourcing decreases the costs of the translation project by speeding up the process, reducing overhead work, employing efficient online translation tools and making the project more visible and controllable. In addition when all translation work can be done with the same tool, there are no costs associated with the learning curve of several translation tools.

Controlled Online Outsourcing with Multilizer Online Translation Outsourcing

Multilizer an efficient way of outsourcing translations. It is called Multilizer Online Translation Outsourcing or simply just MOTO. MOTO extends the functionality of Multilizer Exchange Wizard by providing an additional way of sending texts off for translation. With MOTO the project manager is able to send texts to Google Translator Toolkit (GTT) which is an online tool especially designed for translation purposes.


The Outsourced Translation Process with MOTO:
1. Project Manager creates the translation project in Multilizer and uploads the document to the Internet automatically with Multilizer.
2. Project Manager gives to the chosen translator(s) the access to the document.
3. The translator(s) work with the document and a translation memory (TMX) is created, updated and utilized constantly.
4. Project Manager monitors and reviews the translation while the Translator(s) work. Project manager sees how the translation project progresses.
5. When the translation is ready and approved, Project Manager imports the document automatically back to the Multilizer.

MOTO truly eases the management of translation projects because

  • project participants don’t have to send translation packages back and forth manually
  • translators work online and thus they can work anywhere and they don’t have to install any additional software into their computers
  • several translators are able to work with the same project and even with the same translation simultaneously which could notably shorten the time spent on translating
  • project managers can monitor the progress of translating projects in real-time
  • the finished project includes both a translation of the package and a TMX translation memory which can be utilized in other projects by the project manager or the translator
  • translators are able to use both public and personal translation memories and also machine translations and spelling-checker to speed up their work
  • both MOTO and GTT are extremely user friendly and simple tools.



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