Multilizer Localization Components

Multilizer Localization Components are intended for Delphi/C++Builder developers that want to localize their software and make it truly multilingual. The components introduce a unique Dictionary-Translator Architecture for software localization.

Please see also theĀ document describing how to migrate from earlier Multilizer versions to the current version.

Dictionary-Translator Architecture

Multilizer Localization Components localize the software by using the unique dictionary-translator architecture; translator components automatically translate forms on run-time using translations provided by the dictionary component.

Components.PNGMultilizer Localization Components include a complete set of components needed to localize any Delphi or C++Builder software. Based on the functionality, components are grouped in following 3 categories:

Dictionary components provide Translator components with translations. Multilizer Localization Components include several dictionary components each of them having different sources for translation:

  • IvResDLLDictionary Just specify the ResDLLPath property to resourcedlls and the dictionary can use their translations. (Read more)
  • IvBinaryDictionary This dictionary uses the Multilizer Dictionary File (.mld file). (Read more)
  • IvUserDictionary This dictionary allows user-specified source for translations.
  • IvTestDictionary Use this component to test how a localized software would look like.

Translator components translate the user interface just before the form becomes visible. User can specify which properties are translated and which not.

Module components take care of translating complex properties and non-vcl-forms that can't be translated with translator components. For example common-dialogs are translated by IvDialogModule. Developers can inherit their own modules for translating just anything in the application.