Concordance Search

Learn how to make concordance searches!


In this context the term "concordance search" refers to the world of translating texts to other languages. From a translator's viewpoint, concordance search means searching for translations for parts of a sentence, like phrases, terms, idioms or words. For example, if the translator does not know a term or a phrase, he/she can employ a concordance search to find terminology and phrase examples. This way the translator is able to compare those examples to find the suitable translation for the current situation.


What is Multilizer Concordance Search Tool?

For translators Multilizer Concordance Search is a tool to perform searches dealing with phrases and terms which the translator doesn't know at all or for sure.

Practically the translator first chooses the phrase to be searched and the languages, then Multilizer concordance search connects to a translation database with good translation quality and shows the search results.

The results will include a number of sentences that contain the searched piece of text with both the original language and the target language. In other words, as the result for the search, the translator receives a list of sentences which include the searched phrase used in different ways and contexts. Then the translator can compare those sentences and find the right term for his/her translation case. This is called a bilingual concordance search.


Why should you choose Multilizer Concordance Search?

Multilizer Concordance Search is a tool specially made for translators to ease their work. Multilizer Concordance Search enhances translation processes and improves the quality of translations to a great extent, because

  • Multilizer Concordance Search is extremely user friendly tool: it is easy and simple to use. The search is made by typing the searched phrase and choosing the languages. Then Multilizer Concordance Search makes a list of alternative examples and the user compares the results to find the best translation for the context. In addition, Multilizer integrates with almost any other software except browsers, including Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, etc. The translator is even able to do searches by only highlighting the phrase in the text and typing a certain keyboard combination (i.e. hotkey). Thus translators can work significantly faster.

  • Multilizer concordance search connects to a translation database with good translation quality. It's important to perform a concordance search on a translation database with high translation quality, because a low quality database may be misleading. Therefore, the translation quality in the translation database is essential.

  • With Multilizer, the translator does not have to procure the translation database all by him or herself; rather, the tool itself offers good quality translations for many language pairs, even for industry standards.Some concordance search tools offer only the plain search function, and so, procuring the translation database is a job left to the translator. In that kind of case, the tool in itself is not of much use, and the bigger challenges like procuring the translation database and analyzing its translation quality are altogether left in charge of the translator.

  • With Multilizer Concordance Search, the translator can choose how extensively the search employs the database. The translator is able to determine whether to search, for example, all English to French translations, or only English to French translations related to localizing software.

  • Multilizer Concordance Search performs bilingual concordance search. A translator can find the direct translation in the correct context for a term or a phrase or at least understand what it is about. With a concordance search, it is also possible to search terminology examples. Thus, the translator can also translate previously unknown terms and phrases.

  • With Multilizer Concordance Search, the translation quality improves because the translator can compare his/her own translation to other translators' work.

By combining concordance search function and a good quality translation database, Multilizer concordance search tool is for every translator.


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